Formerly an engineer and banker, Joel decided a casual consumption of photography was not enough, and made it his career. After stints in London, he teamed up with sibling stylist Jolene, where he shot his first fashion editorial for South China Morning Post Magazine in Hong Kong. With results extremely well received, Joel Lim the photographer was born. 

Joel went on to clinch Samsung and IE Singapore as clients, all within six months of going 'live'. In 2010 Joel won the ELLE photographer of the year award and since gone to shoot two campaigns for the Audi Fashion Festival 2010 and 2012, and other corporate brands such as Samsung, DBS, Shiseido and Shokubutsu. Celebrity subjects have included the Misshapes, Stephanie Sun, Fann Wong, George Young, Adrian Pang, and Dick Lee amongst others. 

By studying and harnessing the science and magic of light, and sourcing creative inspiration from a broad range of subjects varying from art-house to science, Joel continues to create highly impactful fashion images. His ambition is to capture not only the beauty that fashion typifies, but also the current cultural and geographical consciousness, to which fashion is so entwined. 

Having gained acclaim and notoriety with his most recent playful exhibition “Boys and their Toys" Joel continues to create work which typifies yet questions the idea of beauty.