I love images. From the time I first picked up a camera at the age of 6 for my first school excursion I have been intrigued by the magic of photography and how that little black box can create and preserve a moment. Of course I also ruined my first roll of film when I opened the camera in my eagerness to figure out where the images are. 

That might have been a long time ago but my love for photography has never waned. Sure digital has changed many things and to a certain extent the magic of the photographic process has been lost with the loss of the darkroom and all that chemistry. But with it comes a liberation for me to pursue the image, its purpose and its powerful multi faceted messages, its nuances. 

The many awards and my experiences in the business have helped my career and shaped who I am and how I see things. But I always believe my best image is yet to be. The next opportunity the next assignment is the next chance to create something better. 

Iā€™m restless and I love working. My inquisitive mind loves watching people and their responses, their body language. I believe an image that is contrived, trying to say too many things is not going to be work. We may be in a complex work but emotions are simpler and an image without emotion is not an effective image. Beauty to me is beyond simply esthetics. There has to be something else in there: a sentiment of the creator must be there.