Measuring 38 ft x 34 ft with a 20 ft wide cyclorama and a ceiling height of 4.4m, this space is perfect for a wide range of shoots.

The changing room allows for quick wardrobe changes and a large panel of north facing windows, makes soft natural lighting possible all year round. There are blackout curtains available to cut off all sunlight as well.


Ideal for small shoots such as products, tabletops or single portraits, this small but adequate workspace measures 28ft by 20ft. The right angle corner and walls also make this space suitable for building small sets.

When combined with Studio A, this space is very suitable as a holding area for large props or as a makeup and wardrobe space.


When you need a bigger space, this combination is your best bet for your big ideas. The possibilities are endless.

You could have a model shoot set in Studio A and a product shot in Studio B. Or perhaps use Studio B as a makeup and wardrobe area for your models. The couch could also be set in Studio B for your clients to relax, away from the shoot with that cappuccino in hand.