A studio is more than a big open space for your shoot. It has to be efficient and comfortable for your clients and models. Aside from the shooting areas, the premises also includes a lounge area for your clients to relax or have a little discussion away from the chaos of the shoot.

The pantry comes complete with a dining table, a fridge, water dispenser and an automated espresso machine for a cuppa. There’s WiFi so staying in touch and sending emails is a cinch. The studio’s central location makes getting about a breeze. It’s only a ten minute drive to the CBD or town. If you wish to have catering on set, a variety of food choices are available. Just let us know your preferences.


We rent out a whole range of equipment from PhaseOne digital backs, Hasselblad cameras to top of the line Broncolor lighting gear and other misc gear for your production.

Drop us an email at for the full list of equipment available.