We rent out a whole range of equipment from Phaseone Digital backs, Hasselblad cameras to Top of the line Broncolor lighting gear and other misc gear for your production from tentage to ladders. Below is a short list of our extensive equipment. Do download our Rental PDF for a complete updated list with prices.


Digital Backs (with 2 DB batteries and charger in Hardcase)
Phaseone IQ160 (Hasselblad V-mount)
Phaseone IQ280 (Phaseone/Mamiya 645AFD mount)
Leaf Credo 50 (Same as PhaseOne IQ150)

Hasselblad Cameras
555ELD Body w/ Prism
553ELX Body w/ Waist-Level Viewfinder
500CM Body w/ Waist-Level Viewfinder
CFE IF 40mm f/4 Lens
CF 50mm FLE f/4 Lens
CF 60mm f/4 Lens
CF 80mm f/2.8 Lens
CF 100mm f/3.5 Lens
CFI 120mm Macro f/4 Lens
CF 180mm f/4 Lens
CF 250mm f/5.6 Lens
Bellows Lens Shade CF Mount
Extension Tubes 8, 10, 16, 32, 55 each

Digital Back Technical Cameras
CamboWide w/ 35mm f/3.5 Schneider Lens
CamboWide 24mm f/5.6 Schneider Lens
Sinar X 4x5 w/ Hasselblad V-mount Sliding Plate
Rodenstock Digitar 100mm f/5.6 lens for Sinar

Phaseone/Mamiya 645AF system
Phaseone 645DF+ Camera Body
Mamiya 645DF Camera Body
28mm f/4.5 AF Lens
35mm f/3.5 AF Lens
45mm f/2.8 AF Lens
55mm f/2.8 AF Lens
55mm f/2.8 AF Schneider Leaf Shutter Lens
80mm f/2.8 AF Schneider Leaf Shutter Lens
110mm f/2.8 AF Schneider Leaf Shutter Lens
120mm f/4 Macro MF Lens
150mm f/3.5 AF Lens
210mm f/4 AF UD Lens
Mamiya Revolving Tripod Adapter (Roto-Cam)

Canon and Sony System
Canon 5DSR Body w/ 2 Batteries
24-70mm f/2.8 L Mark II AF Lens
70-200mm f/4 IS L AF Lens
16-35mm f/4 IS AF Lens
85mm f/1.8 AF Lens
Canon 600EX RT Flash
Sony A7R Mark 2 w/ 2 Batteries
Sony A7s Mark 1 w/ 2 Batteries
Zeiss ZA 24-70 f/2.8 AF Lens with LA-EA3

Broncolor System
Scoro S A4 3200ws RFS2
Scoro S A2 1600ws RFS2
Grafit A4 3200ws
Grafit A2 1600ws
Topas A4 3200ws
Topas A2 1600ws
Move 1200 L Pack w/ 2 Batteries & Charger
Move 1200 Kit w/ MobilLED head, 70x70cm Softbox, 2 Batteries

Broncolor Accessories
Mobil/Pico Snoot & Mini Grid Set
Mobil/Pico Pulso-mount Adapter Ring
P70 Reflector
P70 4-Wing Barndoor
P70 Grid Set (3 sizes in set)
Umbrella Reflector
Psoft 20” Softlight Beauty Dish (Silver-Coated) w/ Honeycomb & Bag
28” Beauty Dish Silver-Coated Reflector (third-party) w/ Honeycomb
P120 Wide Angle Reflector
5m Lamp Head Extension Cable
10m Lamp Head Extension Cable
Optical Spot Attachment with Masks
Para 170FB
Perspex 10” Globe
RFS/RFS2 Radio Trigger

Broncolor Lamp Heads
Unilite 3200ws
Pulso G 3200ws
Pulso Twin 2x 3200ws
Picolite 1600ws
Ringflash 3200ws

Bowens System
500ws Gemini Pro
8” Wide Reflector
7” Standard Reflector
15” Softlite Dish w/ Grid Diffuser
Umbrella Reflector
7” Reflector Grid (3 sizes in set)
8” Reflector Grid

Radio Slaves and other Lights
Pocket Wizard Plus 3 (per piece)
Pocket Wizard Plus 3 (set of 4 pieces)
Pocket Wizard Plus X (set of 2 pieces)
Ianiro LED 800w Red Head (set of 3 in hard case)
650W Fresnel Tungsten head
Lupolux DayLED 100w Daylight LED Fresnel (equal to 1K)
200W Bi-Colour LED Fresnel Head

Light Shapers
Chimera Super Pro Shallow Small 24x32”
Chimera Super Pro Shallow Med 36x48”
Chimera Pro II Strip (M) 14x56”
Soft Parabolic Umbrella 2m Wide
Chimera Softbox Honeycomb Large/Med (each)
Broncolor PulsoFlex C 60x100cm (24” x 40”)
Broncolor Softbox 90x120cm w/ Grid
Broncolor Softbox 120x180cm
Broncolor OctaBox 150cm
Silver/White Umbrellas
Photex Softliner Diffusion Umbrella 46”
Photoflex large 77x77 Litepanel w/ White Diffusion
42” x 78” Panel with White Diffusion
California Sunbounce Mini 68x117cm (zebra/white)
California Sunbounce Pro 130x190cm (silver/white)

Grip Gear
Gitzo 320 Tripod w/ Pan & Tilt Head
Gitzo 415 Tripod w/ Geared Column and Low-angle Plate
Slik Pro 4 Tripod w/ Pan & Tilt Head
Manfrotto 405 Pro Geared Head
Manfrotto Tripod Accessory Crossbar 131DDB
Foba Superball Head
Light Stands
Super Clamp
Small Flag - cutter/reflector, white, black, silver, gold set
Large Flag - cutter/reflector, white, black, silver, gold set
4x4 feet Aluminium Diffusion Scrim
3x3 feet Aluminium Diffusion Scrim
Manfrotto SuperBoom
Retractable Compact Boom
Manfrotto 241 Suction Pump cup w/ 16mm socket
Foba Asaba Studio Stand (studio use only, no tripod head)
V-Flats (Foldable 8x8 Foam boards with white and black on either side)

Heavy Duty Industrial Fan/Blower
Handheld Industrial Blower
20” Industrial Fan
5 ft x 3 ft Collapsible Table
4ft x 2 ft Collapsible Aluminium Workbench
Power Reels
Heavy Duty Power Extension Bars
Heavy Duty Telescopic Ladder
4’ Ladder
7’ Ladder
10’ Ladder
3-Step Ladder
Collapsible Tentage
32” Samsung TV on castors (studio use only)
Apple Box set (set of 3 sizes)
Aero 17” Aluminium Laptop Table (attach to tripod or C-Stand)
Dlink 3G wireless router w/o Sim Card

Battery Power Supply
Godox LP-800X Battery Supply w/ 2 Batteries

Apple Computers and Eizo/NEC Monitors
Macbook Pro 2.2 Ghz i7 15” 8GB Ram SSD RAID 0 and C1 pro 9
Mac Pro 3.06Ghz 12-core w/ Dual-Monitors & CaptureOne Pro 9
(Eizo Monitor, Raid Array)
Mac Pro 3.33Ghz 6-core w/ Dual-Monitors & CaptureOne Pro 9
(Eizo Monitor, Raid Array)
100w Hyperjuice External Battery for Macbook Pro
Eizo CG247 ColorEdge 24” Monitor
Eizo CG277 ColorEdge 27” Monitor
Colour Calibration Service for Eizo or NEC monitors on rental
TP Link Portable Battery-Powered 3G N Router
Wacom Intuos 9x12 w/ Stylus
*Note: Mac Pros are for studio use only.

Video Monitor/Recorder
Atomos Ninja Flame with 3 SSDs (512GB, 256GB, 128GB)